Frequently Asked Questions

Who can  play JB 6 A-Side?

All are welcome at JB 6 A-Side! We pride ourselves on being inclusive, catering to players of all ages, from U6 to Master leagues, and across all skill levels. Whether you're looking to have some fun with friends, want to stay active or a seasoned pro, we have something for you. Our offerings include Girls-only leagues for ages U7 to U14, as well as Women's, Men's and Masters+35. Come be a part of our vibrant community and enjoy the beautiful game with us!

Why would I play JB 6 A-Side?

Different participants have different reasons for playing JB 6 A–Side Summer Soccer. We created the JB 6 A-Side to aid in the ongoing growth and development of the game of football, and in particular, to aid in the natural development of player’s technical skills. You might just want to have fun. You might want to improve or enhance your fitness. All of these reasons are valid at JB 6 A-Side.

How can I register?

You can register and pay for the JB 6 A-Side online on the registration page from the 1st of September 2023. You can also register online and send a cheque to

The JB 6aside Registrar (Rosalie Park or Tompkins Park),
PO Box 7204,
Shenton Park,
Western Australia 6008

I am trying to organise a team but do not have enough players yet. What do I do?

Whether you're flying solo or have a squad ready to roll, don't wait—register ASAP to secure your spot! Slots tend to fill up fast.

To secure a spot for your team, keep in mind that you'll need a minimum of 6 players registered. Once the first player signs up and selects a team name, others can join under the same name. Just remember, a team needs at least 6 registered players to guarantee their spot.

If you're on your own but have a friend or two you want to team up with, no worries! Register as an individual player seeking a team, and just drop your friends' full names in the comment box. We'll make sure you are placed in the same team.

How many players should we have in a team?

The choice is yours! However you need a minimum of 6 players per team. We do recommend that each team has at least 8 players so you have a few subs in case of players being injured, ill or on holiday.

What is involved in being a team manager?

Each team will need a team manager nominated. A team manager does not need to know the rules or to coach it is simply someone who passes on important information from the JB 6-A-Side team to their team and are responsible for finding fill ins for their team if they short (as this is the teams responsibility not JB 6-A-Side). They are also responsible for contacting us if their team is unable to play for any reason.

Can the team manager register the players in their team?

As every individual is expected to site and sign off on our terms and conditions it is necessary for all players (or parents on their behalf) to complete the registration process themeslves. Team managers can register their children or themselves as players but should direct all other players on their team to the registration page for the participant's and manager's own safety.

When do registrations close?

Registrations are being accepted from 1st of September 2024 and we expect registrations to close on the 22nd of September for Rosalie Park, and the 24th of September for Tompkins Park.

We anticipate high demand for team registrations. To ensure you secure your spot, we encourage you to register early. Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate by waiting too long!

When will I receive my team jersey?

Team managers will be personally contacted close to start of the season via email which will outline a date, time and place where team jerseys may be collected . From past seasons this usually occurs a week before kick off. Your team manager will then be in touch and may arrange collection or decide to hand out jerseys at the first match, which ever option will best suit them. In the case of individuals, you will be contacted and informed as if you were a team manager so as to allow you to attend jersey collection day.

Please note NO logos of any kind can be added to your team jersey, for jersey sponsorship opportunities please contact us.

Am I allowed to wear football boots or do I have to wear running shoes?

We have no restrictions on what footwear you play in, so long as you are wearing closed shoes of course. Football boots with moulded soles are fine (not screw in studs) as are running shoes if you prefer (but we don’t recommend them). You are required to wear shin guards for all games.

Do I need to purchase my own shorts and socks?

Yes, each team MUST wear the same colour shorts and socks (socks don't have to match short colour).

These can be purchased at our online shop at any time or a shop of your choice. As jersey colours are given out at random only a week before kick off you may want to go with black or white shorts and socks so that they will match any jersey you receive.

I don’t have enough players this week. Can I borrow players instead of forfeiting?

Yes, the maximum number of players you can borrow at any time is 3.  Forfeiting should always be a last resort.  Consider your opponents who will also have to miss a game. A team must field a minimum of 4 players or forfeit their game.

If you cannot field at least 4 players (including 3 borrowed players) please give as much advance notice as possible to your team manager who can let the registrar know. Our priority is to try and let the other team know as soon as possible so they let their team know. In the case of a forfeit a pitch will always be available to have a training session or a friendly scratch match.

  • A team cannot borrow any more players if they already have 6 players available, (including a maximum of 3 borrowed players).   No team can have borrowed players and more than one substitute.
  • Players cannot be borrowed from a higher division and cannot play for the same team more than two times.
  • All borrowed players must sign a waiver before commencing the game.
On which days will the different competitions be run?
Rosalie Park

Played Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon/evenings.

The Rosalie Park competition page has times and days for each agegroup

Tompkins Park

Played Thursday afternoon/evenings.

The Tompkins Park competition page has times for each agegroup

What times will the matches be played?

The fixtures cannot be created until we have closed registrations, however, we plan the draw such that the younger player’s competitions start from the earliest time-slots and the adult player’s competitions are in the later time-slots. Kick-off times are from 4.30 pm.

When does the competition start and finish?

The competition at Rosalie Park starts on the week beginning of the 22nd of October 2024 and finishes on the 5th of February 2025. There will be a Christmas break from the 19th of December to the 13th of January 2025.

The competition at Tompkins Park starts on the week beginning of the 24th of October 2024 and finishes on the 6th of February 2025. There will be a Christmas break from the 20th of December to the 15th of January 2025.

What about the weather.

Rain is not a problem but we still need to be vigilant about lightning. Most lightning storms pass over quickly however if the referee believes the weather is too severe then the games will be called off.  Games generally will not be called off just because it is raining.

Due to the timing of the matches the temperature is usually at a manageable level in the summer. Again if the referee believes the weather to be unmanageable then the game will be called off however in the past we have not yet deemed this necessary.

The JB 6 Registrar will contact the team manager if a game is called off due to weather.

Why do you want to know the U/6-U/11 scores if they have no competition table.

Football Federation Australia guidelines are that there be no competition tables up to U/11.  The priority for these younger players should be towards improving their ball skills and having fun, not just playing to win.  By continuing to monitor the progress of these teams we gain an added bonus.  Having no competition table gives us the flexibility to amend the draw (if required) to try and minimise the number of one-sided high scoring games. We want all teams, the strong, and the not so strong, to have competitive games and enjoy the tournament.

Can I purchase any food or refreshments at JB 6-A-Side?

A BBQ will be running every evening selling hotdogs and drinks at a reasonable price.

Rosalie Park

The BBQ will be running all Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

On Wednesdays the bar will be open in the clubhouse for Opens, Masters and Veterans.

Tompkins Park

The BBQ will be running every Thursday evening.

On Thursdays the bar will be open in the clubhouse for Opens and Masters.

I want to be a referee for this competition, what do I need to do?

In the first instance you need to send an email to the JB 6 A-Side team at and include the following details:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Refereeing Experience

We’ll get in touch with you about what’s involved.

Sponsorship opportunities

Get your message in front of hundreds of people every week of the JB 6 A-Side soccer season and thousands of people in the lead up to the season.

Contact us for details
Rosalie Park or
Tompkins Park