Rosalie Park Competition

Last years competition at Rosalie Park was our biggest and best ever. It was a huge success and judging by the number of enquiries already received, our 2021 tournament will be even better.

Rosalie Park

The competition commences in the week of the 25th of October and continues until 9th of February for thirteen weeks including finals and gala day with a Christmas holiday break (23rd of December until 17th of January).

The competition will be conducted during afternoons/evenings on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS at Rosalie Park, Shenton Park. Registration fees include new jersey, referees, and fantastic facilities.

All male and female players of all abilities are invited to register. There will be a division to cater for each age group from U6-U15, Women's Open, Men's Open, Masters 35+ and Veterans 45+. Make a team or join as an individual and we will make a team for you.

Age Divisions in the summer football are the same as the winter competition, and based on your age at 1st January. i.e If you played U13’s in the winter competition (turning 13 anytime in 2021) you continue to play U13 in the 2021 summer tournament.

Rosalie Park Age Groups

Age Groups Price
U6 (2015,2016 born)
U7 (2014 born)
U8 (2013 born)
U9 (2012 born)
U10 (2011 born)
U11 (2010 born)
U12 (2009 born)
U13 (2008 born)
U14 (2007 born)
U15 (2006 born)
Womens Open
Mens All Age
Masters 35+
Veterans 45+
* We offer a family discount to families that register three or more players at the same competition venue. A discount of $50 per player will be applied to the fees of the 3rd, 4th and subsequent players.
For example, a family with 3 players will receive a $50 discount. A family with 4 players will receive a $100 discount.

Rosalie Park Kick-Off Times

4:30 U10
5:05 U11
5:40 U12
6:25 U13
7:10 U14
8:00 Womens Open
Mens All Age
Masters 35+
Veterans 45+
4:30 U6
5:00 U7
5:40 U8
6:20 U9

* Days/Times subject to change dependant on numbers

JB 6 A-Side is primarily for enjoyment and to keep your skill levels up. Depending on entries received, if there are not enough players in a particular age group we may have to merge age groups together to make a more balanced and fair competition.