U9 Fixtures

U9 Fixtures Wednesday 6:20

  24th October Round 1

The Challengers  Sharks  One
 West Coast Warriors Floreat Fire  Two
Scotch Glory  Subi Lions  Three
The Rebels  Shenton Sparxs  Four
World Cup Warriors  Subi Lightning  Five
Subi Strikers  Swanny Thunder  Six
Saints  Swanie Strikers  Seven
North Perth Thrillers  Avengers  Eight
 Bye  Wembley Downs Kids  Nine


  31st October Round 2

Floreat Fire Wembley Downs Kids One
Sharks North Perth Thrillers Two
Avengers Saints Three
Swannie Strikers Subi Strikers Four
Swanny Thunder World Cup Warriors Five
Subi Lightning The Rebels Six
Shenton Sparxs Scotch Glory Seven
Subi Lions West Coast Warriors Eight
The Challengers Bye Nine


 7th November Round 3

 Wembley Downs Kids West Coast Warriors  One
Avengers   The Challengers Two
Swannie Strikers  North Perth Thrillers  Three
 Swanny Thunder  Saints Four
Subi Lightning  Subi Strikers  Five
 Shenton Sparxs World Cup Warriors  Six
Subi Lions  The Rebels  Seven
Floreat Fire  Scotch Glory  Eight
Sharks  Bye  Nine


14th November Round 4

Sharks Avengers  One
Scotch Glory  Wembley Downs Kids Two
The Rebels   Floreat Fire Three
 World Cup Warriors Subi Lions  Four
 Subi Strikers Shenton Sparxs  Five
 Saints Subi Lightning  Six
 North Perth Thrillers Swanny Thunder  Seven
 The Challengers Swannie Strikers  Eight
West Coast Warriors Bye  Nine


21st November Round 5

West Coast Warriors  Scotch Glory  One
Swannie Strikers  Sharks  Two
Swanny Thunder   The Challengers Three
Subi Lightning  North Perth Thrillers  Four
Shenton Sparxs  Saints  Five
Subi Lions  Subi Strikers  Six
 Floreat Fire World Cup Warriors  Seven
 Wembley Downs Kids The Rebels  Eight
 Avengers  Bye Nine


28th November Round 6

Avengers Swannie Strikers  One
The Rebels  West Coast Warriors Two
 World Cup Warriors Wembley Downs Kids  Three
 Subi Strikers Floreat Fire  Four
Saints  Subi Lions  Five
North Perth Thrillers   Shenton Sparxs Six
The Challengers  Subi Lightning  Seven
 Sharks Swanny Thunder  Eight
BYE Scotch Glory Nine


 5th December  Round 7

Scotch Glory The Rebels  One
Swanny Thunder  Avengers  Two
Subi Lightning  Sharks Three
Shenton Sparxs  The Challengers  Four
 Subi Lions North Perth Thrillers  Five
 Floreat Fire Saints  Six
Wembley Downs Kids  Subi Strikers  Seven
 West Coast Warriors World Cup Warriors  Eight
 Swannie Strikers Bye  Nine


12th December  Round 8

Swannie Strikers   Swanny Thunder One
World Cup Warriors  Scotch Glory Two
Subi Strikers  West Coast Warriors  Three
Saints  Sharks  Four
North Perth Thrillers  Floreat Fire  Five
The Challengers  Subi Lions  Six
 Wembley Downs Kids Shenton Sparxs  Seven
Avengers  Subi Lightning  Eight
 The Rebels Bye  Nine


19th December  Round 9

The Rebels World Cup Warriors  One
 Subi Lightning Swannie Strikers  Two
Shenton Sparxs  Avengers  Three
Subi Lions   Sharks Four
Floreat Fire  The Challengers  Five
Wembley Downs Kids North Perth Thrillers  Six
 West Coast Warriors Saints  Seven
 Scotch Glory Subi Strikers  Eight
 Swanny Thunder Bye  Nine


16th January  Round 10

Swanny Thunder  Subi Lightning  One
 Subi Strikers The Rebels  Two
Saints  Scotch Glory  Three
North Perth Thrillers   West Coast Warriors Four
The Challengers   Wembley Downs Kids Five
 Sharks Floreat Fire  Six
 Avengers Subi Lions  Seven
Swannie Strikers   Shenton Sparxs Eight
Bye World Cup Warriors  Nine


23rd January  Round 11

 World Cup Warriors Subi Strikers One
 Shenton Sparxs Swanny Thunder  Two
 Subi Lions Swannie Strikers  Three
Floreat Fire  Avengers  Four
Wembley Downs Kids  Sharks  Five
 West Coast Warriors  The Challengers Six
Scotch Glory  North Perth Thrillers  Seven
The Rebels  Saints  Eight
 Subi Lightning Bye Nine


30th January  Round 12

 Subi Lightning Shenton Sparxs  One
Saints  World Cup Warriors  Two
North Perth Thrillers  The Rebels  Three
 The Challengers  Scotch Glory  Four
Sharks  West Coast Warriors  Five
Avengers  Wembley Downs Kids  Six
Swannie Strikers  Floreat Fire  Seven
 Swanny Thunder Subi Lions  Eight
Bye  Subi Strikers Nine


 6th February  Round 13

Subi Strikers  Saints  One
 Subi Lions Subi Lightning Two
Floreat Fire  Swanny Thunder  Three
Wembley Downs Kids Swannie Strikers  Four
 West Coast Warriors Avengers  Five
 Scotch Glory  Sharks Six
The Rebels    The Challengers Seven
 World Cup Warriors North Perth Thrillers  Eight
 Shenton Sparxs Bye  Nine

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