U8 Fixtures

 U8 Fixtures Wednesday 5:40

   24th October Round 1       

The Dragons  Mosman Park Jaguars  One
Christ Church Crushers North Perth Rovers  Two
Wembley Downs Warriors  West End Wolves  Three
Fast n' Furious Nijas   Subi Squad Four
 Floreat Blues BFC Kids  Five
CCGS Wildcats  Howling Wolves  Six
 Sharp Shooters Rosalie Rhinos  Seven
Grasshoppers  Rosalie Rockets   Eight
 Soccer Beasts Floreat Fire  Nine


31st October Round 2

Mosman Park Jaguars  Floreat Fire  One
 Rosalie Rockets  Soccer Beasts  Two
 Rosalie Rhinos Grasshoppers  Three
Howling Wolves  Sharp Shooters  Four
BFC Kids  CCGS Wildcats   Five
  Subi Squad Floreat Blues  Six
West End Wolves   Fast n' Furious Nijas   Seven
North Perth Rovers   Wembley Downs Warriors   Eight
The Dragons  Christ Church Crushers Nine


 7th November Round 3

 Christ Church Crushers Mosman Park Jaguars  One
 Wembley Downs Warriors  The Dragons  Two
Fast n' Furious Nijas   North Perth Rovers   Three
Floreat Blues  West End Wolves   Four
CCGS Wildcats    Subi Squad  Five
Sharp Shooters  BFC Kids  Six
Grasshoppers Howling Wolves  Seven
Soccer Beasts Rosalie Rhinos  Eight
 Floreat Fire Rosalie RocketsRosalie Rockets   Nine


14th November Round 4

Mosman Park Jaguars  Rosalie Rockets   One
Rosalie Rhinos  Floreat Fire  Two
Howling Wolves  Soccer Beasts  Three
BFC Kids  Grasshoppers  Four
 Subi Squad  Sharp Shooters  Five
 West End Wolves  CCGS Wildcats   Six
North Perth Rovers   Floreat Blues  Seven
The Dragons  Fast n' Furious Nijas   Eight
Christ Church Crushers  Wembley Downs Warriors   Nine


21st November Round 5

 Wembley Downs Warriors  Mosman Park Jaguars  One
Fast n' Furious Nijas   Christ Church Crushers  Two
Floreat Blues  The Dragons  Three
CCGS Wildcats   North Perth Rovers  Four
Sharp Shooters  West End Wolves  Five
Grasshoppers   Subi Squad  Six
Soccer Beasts   BCF Kids  Seven
Floreat Fire  Howling Wolves  Eight
 Rosalie Rockets  Rosalie Rhinos  Nine


28th November Round 6

Mosman Park Jaguars  Rosalie Rhinos  One
 Howling Wolves Rosalie Rockets   Two
BFC Kids  Floreat Fire  Three
  Subi Squad Soccer Beasts  Four
West End Wolves   Grasshoppers  Five
North Perth Rovers   Sharp Shooters  Six
The Dragons  CCGS Wildcats   Seven
Christ Church Crushers  Floreat Blues  Eight
Wembley Downs Warriors   Fast n' Furious Nijas   Nine


 5th December  Round 7

 Fast n' Furious Nijas  Mosman Park Jaguars  One
Floreat Blues  Wembley Downs Warriors   Two
CCGS Wildcats   Christ Church Crushers  Three
Sharp Shooters  The Dragons  Four
Grasshoppers  North Perth Rovers   Five
Soccer Beasts  West End Wolves   Six
Floreat Fire   Subi Squad  Seven
Rosalie Rockets  BFC Kids  Eight
 Rosalie Rhinos Howling Wolves  Nine

12th December  Round 8

Mosman Park Jaguars   Howling Wolves One
 BFC Kids Rosalie Rhinos  Two
 Subi Squad  Rosalie Rockets   Three
West End Wolves   Floreat Fire  Four
North Perth Rovers   Soccer Beasts  Five
The Dragons   Grasshoppers  Six
Christ Church Crushers   Sharp Shooters  Seven
Wembley Downs Warriors  CCGS Wildcats   Eight
Fast n' Furious Nijas  Floreat Blues  Nine


19th December  Round 9

 Floreat Blues  Mosman Park Jaguars One
CCGS Wildcats   Fast n' Furious Nijas   Two
Sharp Shooters  Wembley Downs Warriors   Three
Grasshoppers  Christ Church Crushers  Four
Soccer Beasts  The Dragons   Five
Floreat Fire  North Perth Rovers   Six
Rosalie Rockets   West End Wolves   Seven
Rosalie Rhinos   Subi Squad  Eight
Howling Wolves  BFC Kids  Nine


16th January  Round 10

Mosman Park Jaguars   BFC Kids One
 Subi Squad  Howling Wolves  Two
West End Wolves   Rosalie Rhinos  Three
North Perth Rovers   Rosalie Rockets   Four
 The Dragons  Floreat Fire  Five
 Christ Church Crushers Soccer Beasts  Six
Wesmbley Downs Warriors   Grasshoppers  Seven
Fast n' Furious Nijas  Sharp Shooters  Eight
Floreat Blues  CCGS Wildcats   Nine


23rd January  Round 11

CCGS Wildcats   Mosman Park Jaguars  One
Sharp Shooters  Floreat Blues  Two
Grasshoppers  Fast n' Furious Nijas   Three
Soccer Beasts  Wembley Downs Warriors   Four
Floreat Fire   Christ Church Crushers Five
 Rosalie Rockets   The Dragons  Six
Rosalie Rhinos  North Perth Rovers   Seven
Howling Wolves  West End Wolves   Eight
BFC Kids   Subi Squad   Nine


30th January  Round 12

 Mosman Park Jaguars  Subi Squad  One
West End Wolves   BFC Kids  Two
North Perth Rovers   Howling Wolves  Three
The Dragons   Rosalie Rhinos  Four
Christ Church Crushers  Rosalie Rockets   Five
 Wembley Downs Warriors  Floreat Fire  Six
 Fast n' Furious Nijas  Soccer Beasts  Seven
 Floreat Blues Grasshoppers  Eight
CCGS Wildcats   Sharp Shooters  Nine


 6th February  Round 13

 Sharp Shooters Mosman Park Jaguars  One
Grasshoppers  CCGS Wildcats   Two
Soccers Beasts  Floreat Blues  Three
Floreat Fire  Fast n' Furious Nijas   Four
 Rosalie Rockets  Wembley Downs Warriors   Five
Rosalie Rhinos  Christ Church Crushers  Six
Howling Wolves  The Dragons   Seven
BFC Kids  North Perth Rovers   Eight
  Subi Squad West End Wolves   Nine

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