U12 Fixtures

U12 Fixtures Tuesday 6:30

23th October Round 1

 Cottesloe Torps SC Wanderers   One
 CCGS Chargers  Subiaco Devils   Three
 JTC Panthers  Balcatta FC   Five
Goals R Us  Hale Legends  Six
Rosalie Park Rangers   St Mac's   Seven
The Neymars   Orange Justice  Eight
Klopps and Robbers   JTC Raiders  Nine
The Couch Potatoes Loreto Leprechauns Ten


 30th October Round 2

 The Couch Potatoes Subiaco Devils   One
Loreto Leprechauns   Balcatta FC   Three
CCGS Chargers   Hale Legends  Five
  JTC Panthers St Mac's   Six
Goals R Us  Orange Justice  Seven
Rosalie Park Rangers   JTC Raiders   Eight
 The Neymars  SC Wanderers  Nine
 Klopps and Robbers  Cottesloe Torps   Ten


 6th November Round 3

 Cottesloe Torps  The Couch Potatoes  One
SC Wanderers   Klopps and Robbers  Three
JTC Raiders   The Neymars   Five
 Orange Justice Rosalie Park Rangers   Six
St Mac's   Goals R Us  Seven
Hale Legends   JTC Panthers  Eight
Balcatta FC   CCGS Chargers   Nine
Subiaco Devils   Loreto Leprechauns   Ten


13th November Round 4

The Neymars  Klopps and Robbers One
Subiaco Devils Hale Legends Three
Loreto Leprechauns St Mac's  Five
CCGS Chargers  Orange Justice Six
Goals R Us SC Wanderers Seven
Rosalie Park Rangers  Cottesloe Torps Eight
JTC Panthers JTC Raiders Nine
Balcatta FC Coach Potatoes Ten


20th November Round 5

 SC Wanderers The Couch Potatoes  One
JTC Raiders   Cottesloe Torps   Three
Orange Justice  Klopps and Robbers   Five
 St Mac's  The Neymars   Six
Hale Legends  Rosalie Park Rangers   Seven
Balcatta FC   Goals R Us  Eight
Subiaco Devils    JTC Panthers  Nine
  Loreto Leprechauns CCGS Chargers   Ten


27th November Round 6

The Couch Potatoes  CCGS Chargers   One
  JTC Panthers Loreto Leprechauns  Three
Goals R Us  Cottesloe Torps   Five
Rosalie Park Rangers   Balcatta FC   Six
The Neymars   Hale Legends  Seven
 Klopps and Robbers  St Macs   Eight
Subi Devils   Orange Justice  Nine
SC Wanderers  JTC Raiders   Ten


 4th December  Round 7

 JTC Raiders  The Couch Potatoes  One
Orange Justice  SC Wanderers  Three
St Mac's   Cottesloe Torps   Five
Hale Legends  Klopps and Robbers    Six
Balcatta FC   Subi Devils  Seven
The Neymars    Rosalie Park Rangers  Eight
Loreto Leprechauns  Goals R Us  Nine
 CCGS Chargers   JTC Panthers   Ten


11th December  Round 8

The Couch Potatoes  Neymars  One
Goals R Us  CCGS Chargers   Three
Rosalie Park Rangers   Loreto Leprechauns  Five
St Mac's Subiaco Devils   Six
 Klopps and Robbers    Balcatta FC  Seven
Cottesloe Torps   Hale Legends  Eight
SC Wanderers   JTC Panthers  Nine
JTC Raiders   Orange Justice  Ten


18th December  Round 9

 Orange Justice The Couch Potatoes  One
St Mac's   JTC Raiders  Three
Hale Legends  SC Wanderers  Five
Balcatta FC   Cottesloe Torps   Six
 Subiaco Devils   Klopps and Robbers    Seven
Loreto Leprechauns  The Neymars   Eight
CCGS Chargers   Rosalie Park Rangers   Nine
 JTC Panthers   Goals R Us  Ten


15th January  Round 10

The Couch Potatoes  Goals R Us  One
Rosalie Park Rangers    JTC Panthers   Three
The Neymars   CCGS Chargers   Five
 Klopps and Robbers   Loreto Leprechauns  Six
Cottesloe Torps   Subiaco Devils   Seven
SC Wanderers  Balcatta FC   Eight
JTC Raiders   Hale Legends  Nine
Orange Justice  St Mac's   Ten


22nd January  Round 11

 St Mac's  The Couch Potatoes  One
Hale Legends  Orange Justice  Three
Balcatta FC   JTC Raiders  Five
Subiaco Devils   SC Wanderers  Six
Loreto Leprechauns  Cottesloe Torps   Seven
CCGS Chargers   Klopps and Robbers    Eight
 JTC Panthers   The Neymars   Nine
Goals R Us  Rosalie Park Rangers   Ten


29th January  Round 12

 The Couch Potatoes Rosalie Park Rangers   One
The Neymars   Goals R Us  Three
Klopps and Robbers      JTC Panthers  Five
Cottesloe Torps   CCGS Chargers   Six
SC Wanderers  Loreto Leprechauns  Seven
 JTC Raiders  Subiaco Devils   Eight
Orange Justice  Balcatta FC   Nine
 St Mac's  Hale Legends  Ten


Finals 5th February  Round 13

Subiaco Devils 4 St Mac's 1 One
Balcatta FC 1 Hale Legends 1 Three
Orange Justice 8 SC Wanderers 1 Five
Rosalie Park Rangers 5  Goals R Us 3 Six
 JTC Raiders 7 JTC Panthers 3 Seven
Loreto Leprechauns 1 Klopps and Robbers  5  Eight
CCGS Chargers  3 The Couch Potatoes2 Nine
Cottesloe Torps  6 The Neymars  0 Ten

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