U11 Fixtures

  U11 Fixtures Tuesday 5:40

       23th October Round 1       

 Flootloose Mish Mash Smashers  One
 Rosalie Beeflings 6 Amigos  Two
Subiaco Reds  Soccer Rockers  Three
No! I Want to Go In Goals  Wembley Downs Wanderers  Four
Wembley FC  Work In Progress  Five
Christ Church Crushers  Fast and Furious  Six
West End Warriors  NB Stars  Seven
Cannonballs  The Flozza Fury  Eight
Wembley Warlords  Subiroos  Nine
Playing Up  Subi Gunners  Ten


30th October Round 2

Mish Mash Smashers    Subi Gunners  One
Subiroos Playing Up  Two
The Flozza Fury   Wembley Warlords   Three
 NB Stars  Cannonballs  Four
 Fast and Furious  West End Warriors  Five
 Work In Progress  Christ Church Crushers   Six
 Wembley Downs Wanderers  Wembley FC  Seven
Soccer Rockers   No! I Want to Go In Goals   Eight
6 Amigos  Subiaco Reds   Nine
 Flootloose Rosalie Beeflings  Ten


 6th November Round 3

 Rosalie Beeflings Mish Mash Smashers   One
Subiaco Reds   Flootloose  Two
 No! I Want to Go In Goals  6 Amigos  Three
 Wembley FC  Soccer Rockers   Four
Christ Church Crushers   Wembley Downs Wanderers  Five
West End Warriors  Work In Progress   Six
 Cannonballs Fast and Furious   Seven
 Wembley Warlords  NB Stars   Eight
 Playing Up The Flozza Fury  Nine
Subi Gunners   Subiroos  Ten


13th November Round 4

Mish Mash Smashers   Subiroos  One
The Flozza Fury  Subi Gunners   Two
NB Stars   Playing Up  Three
 Fast and Furious  Wembley Warlords   Four
Work In Progress   Cannonballs  Five
Wembley Downs Wanderers  West End Warriors  Six
Soccer Rockers   Christ Church Crushers   Seven
6 Amigos  Wembley FC   Eight
Flootloose  No! I Want to Go In Goals   Nine
Rosalie Beeflings  Subiaco Reds   Ten


20th November Round 5

Subiaco Reds   Mish Mash Smashers   One
No! I Want to Go In Goals   Rosalie Beeflings  Two
Wembley FC   Flootloose  Three
Christ Church Crushers   6 Amigos  Four
West End Warriors  Soccer Rockers   Five
 Cannonballs Wembley Downs Wanderers  Six
 Wembley Warlords  Work In Progress   Seven
Playing Up  Fast and Furious   Eight
 Subi Gunners  NB Stars   Nine
Subiroos  The Flozza Fury  Ten


27th November Round 6

Mish Mash Smashers   The Flozza Fury  One
Fast and Furious Subiroos  Two
NB Stars   Subi Gunners  Three
Work In Progress   Playing Up  Four
Wembley Downs Wanderers  Wembley Warlords   Five
Soccer Rockers   Cannonballs  Six
6 Amigos  West End Warriors  Seven
Flootloose  Christ Church Crushers   Eight
Rosalie Beeflings  Wembley FC   Nine
 Subiaco Reds  No! I Want to Go In Goals   Ten


 4th December  Round 7

No! I Want to Go In Goals   Mish Mash Smashers   One
Wembley FC Subiaco Reds   Two
Christ Church Crushers   Rosalie Beeflings  Three
 West End Warriors  Flootloose Four
 Cannonballs  6 Amigos Five
Wembley Warlords    Soccer Rockers Six
Playing Up    Wembley Downs Wanderers Seven
Subi Gunners    Work In Progress  Eight
Subiroos   Fast and Furious  Nine
The Flozza Fury  NB Stars  


11th December  Round 8

Mish Mash Smashers   NB Stars   One
 Fast and Furious   The Flozza Fury  Two
Work In Progress   Subiroos  Three
Wembley Downs Wanderers   Subi Gunners  Four
Soccer Rockers   Playing Up Five
6 Amigos  Wembley Warlords   Six
Flootloose  Cannonballs  Seven
Rosalie Beeflings  West End Warriors  Eight
 Subiaco Reds  Christ Church Crushers   Nine
No! I Want to Go In Goals   Wembley FC    Ten


18th December  Round 9

 Wembley FC  Mish Mash Smashers   One
Christ Church Crushers   No! I Want to Go In Goals   Two
West End Warriors  Subiaco Reds    Three
 Cannonballs Rosalie Beeflings   Four
 Wembley Warlords  Flootloose  Five
Playing Up  6 Amigos Six
Subi Gunners  Soccer Rockers    Seven
Subiroos  Wembley Downs Wanderers Eight
The Flozza Fury  Work In Progress   Nine
 NB Stars   Fast and Furious    Ten


15th January  Round 10

Mish Mash Smashers    Fast and Furious   One
Work In Progress   NB Stars   Two
Wembley Downs Wanderers  The Flozza Fury  Three
Soccer Rockers   Subiroos  Four
6 Amigos  Subi Gunners   Five
Flootloose  Playing Up Six
Rosalie Beeflings  Wembley Warlords   Seven
Subiaco Reds   Cannonballs  Eight
No! I Want to Go In Goals   West End Warriors  Nine
 Wembley FC   Christ Church Crushers   Ten


22nd January  Round 11

 Christ Church Crushers  Mish Mash Smashers   One
 West End Warriors Wembley FC  Two
 Cannonballs No! I Want to Go In Goals   Three
Wembley Warlords   Subiaco Reds   Four
 Playing Up Rosalie Beeflings  Five
 Subi Gunners  Flootloose  Six
Subiroos  6 Amigos  Seven
The Flozza Fury   Soccer Rockers  Eight
NB Stars   Wembley Downs Wanderers  Nine
 Fast and Furious   Work In Progress    Ten


29th January  Round 12

 Mish Mash Smashers   Work In Progress  One
Wembley Downs Wanderers   Fast and Furious   Two
Soccer Rockers   NB Stars   Three
6 Amigos   The Flozza Fury Four
 Flootloose Subiroos  Five
Rosalie Beeflings  Subi Gunners   Six
Subiaco Reds   Playing Up  Seven
 No! I Want to Go In Goals  Wembley Warlords   Eight
 Wembley FC  Cannonballs  Nine
Christ Church Crushers   West End Warriors   Ten


 5th February  Round 13

West End Warriors   Mish Mash Smashers  One
 Cannonballs Christ Church Crushers    Two
Wembley Warlords   Wembley FC   Three
Playing Up  No! I Want to Go In Goals   Four
Subi Gunners   Subiaco Reds   Five
Subiroos  Rosalie Beeflings  Six
The Flozza Fury  Flootloose  Seven
NB Stars   6 Amigos  Eight
 Fast and Furious   Soccer Rockers   Nine
 Work In Progress  Wembley Downs Wanderers  Ten 

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